Monday, December 31, 2007


I know you're thinking the same as me, time is flying too fast! I am amazed that it's already New Year's Eve!! We can't delay the countdown, so enjoy!

I'm going to ask my family to write down their favorites of 2007 and what they expect or hope to have happen in 2008 and scrapbook their answers! I think this might be a fun tradition for each of us, every year.

Here's my last post of 2007 and a prayer request for the New Year:

These photos are of my nephews departure to Afghanistan in November, days before he turned 30 yeaers old! The girls waving are Katie (remember the story of Jeremy and Katie three years ago?), my niece, Rebekah and her daughter Dylynn who is right between them in the purple jacket.

The second is a photo he sent to me showing me he is safe, sound and smiling! Yeah God!

My prayer request is one that everyone is already praying, I'm sure. Please pray for God's peace and love to comfort every soldier & their family awaiting for their safe return.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year celebration and may God continue to bless you in 2008!

Candle for a Cause

I've been making some "pink" items and here's a simple sample of a candle I decorated. I hope are able to see the stamping on the candle and how it adds a lot with little effort.

CHRISTmas gifts

Merry CHRISTmas (belated but sincere) to you and yours! I've "made" time to update my blog today and it's been a long time. I'd been busy making gifts and getting ready for the New Year with great project ideas inspired by the Spring & Summer Collection Idea Book & Catalog from Stampin' Up! Here are some tiles I finally experimented with, thanks to the encouragement of Chris & Silvia after having missed Beth's great demo!! Aren't they beautiful? I gave them as Christmas gifts to some special families and I hope they really liked them!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Time Well Spent

There are many reasons why I love being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator! Last week, Shelli Gardner sent me (and all active demonstrators) a special stamp set named "Time Well Spent" and it's loaded with wonderful images and words! THANK YOU, SHELLI!! This stamp set is going to be one of the Hostess Level 3 sets in the new Spring & Summer Collection (IB&C) to be released on 1/2/08!!!
I LOVE IT!!! I've been trying to make time to use it and finally finished up a project that I shouldn't be showing you until tomorrow, but I'm going to take a chance that the person receiving this will not check my blog before coming over in one hour!! I doubt they will since I haven't been good at posting on a regular basis!!

I'm hosting my Diva Dinner Date tonight and we're having a Christmas gift exchange of a handmade item, since Nancy is leaving for Florida for the winter, on Friday!! I made a picture frame using SU's Rose Red designer paper and my new stamp set, "Time Well Spent" along with the Pomegranate stitched grosgrain ribbon! I embossed the word phrase and mounted it on a wooden domino to "pop it up" on the frame! It's simple but I'm very happy with the results and thought I would share it with you.

What do you think?

Blizzard Wrapping Paper

I've been juggling my time spent making crafts, hustling my kids for school, birthday parties, banquets, conferences, work, football (still!), etc. It's been too busy for me to update my blog on a regular basis and I apologize if you keep looking at the same two entries wondering why I even started this thing if I'm not going to make any entries!! Oh pity me, NOT!! I'm thankful!

I want you to see that Stampin' Up's wrapping paper (from the Holiday Mini catalog that expires November 30th!!) is for more than wrapping gifts!! I've been using it for backgrounds on a couple different Christmas cards as well as some beautiful 12X12 page sets, of which I am posting a simple one today!! Of course, even though you get 37 sq. ft on each roll, I had to purchase another set so that I can make a thousand of these page sets as gifts, or sell them now that SU allows us to!! YEAH, I just love Stampin' Up!!

So here you have a simple, yet very elegant page set! I used our 5/8" grosgrain on the wrapping paper and the Snowburst stamp set on the tag. Go and make one now! *\o/*

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Rhea, Kathleen & Pam!

I neglected to honor my dear friend, Rhea on her birthday, October 23rd. Rhea is one of my many BEAUTIFUL friends. Her name is pronouned "RAY- ah" and I remember that because she is a "RAY ah sunshine" to me. She is beautiful inside and out, remaining positive (ALWAYS positive) and strong through her challenge with breast cancer. She makes me laugh and warms my heart whenever I see her. I love to spend time with her because she is a calm and peaceful person, too. She has three gorgeous girls and is a wonderful mother. Today, I want to let her know that I love being in her friendship circle and thank God for crossing our paths as she is a true blessing in my life.
While I'm in "confession" mode, I have to include two other dear friends of mine who had birthday celebrations this month and I didn't acknowledge them either!
Kathleen went to grade school with my husband and I have been fortunate to have developed a very special friendship with this lady through our girls cheer and sons football! She is a faithful disciple of Jesus administering His word through her actions and deed, encouraging everyone in a positive light. She has also fought with breast cancer and through her faith, positive attitude and God's plan, she is here today! Not a discouraging word has been whispered from her lips and she's more concerned about others than herself. It's an honor to be included in her life and I am again, richly blessed.
Pam, diva pal, celebrated her birthday a couple weeks ago. She's my mentor when it comes to reciting Bible verses so appropriate for the situation. Pam is a great mother who values family and always finds the good in people. She and I have been close friends, crafters and I love spending time with her, especially when we're eating out somewhere!! : ) I do give thanks to God every day for all the great people in my life.
Happy Birthday to three TERRIFIC ladies. I love you truly, madly & deeply!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dryer Sheet Technique

WOW, I'm a blogger now!

I've had so many private requests for my Dryer Sheet technique, I thought I would post this for everyone to enjoy! Who could have guessed that a used dryer sheet could give such a sparkly snow affect?

1. Take your used dryer sheets and iron them flat.
2. Roll or stamp your image on your cardstock and take outside (if not too windy) or to your garage (to spray them inside would not be good!).
3. Use a spray adhesive (or Mod Podge) to coat your stamped cardstock. I believe the spray adhesive works best!
4. Immediately lay the dryer sheet on your adhesive sprayed cardstock and spread it all across to flatten and smooth.
5. While still wet and as soon as the dryer sheet is evenly flattened on the stamped cardstock, sprinkle Dazzlin' Diamonds glitter all over and dump excess into tray.
6. Set aside to dry completely.
7. Trim off excess dryer sheet and discard.
8. Wrap your cord/ribbon around and adher the dryer sheet piece to the card itself. Voila!

I have a lot of glitter that falls off after applying it, but I do it over a tray and return the excess glitter back into the container. I don't usually have a problem with it, however it does continue to "drift" a little more no matter how many times I've tapped off the excess.
I get the spray adhesive all over my hands and then the dazzlin' diamonds get all over and it's pretty messy. I like doing a lot of these at once because of it!!!

Give this a try and show me how you did!

This blogging challenge will be slow and steady. Thank you for hanging in there with me!
I did learn this technique from a fellow demonstrator, who was a "stitch" to stamp with, too. However I don't know her name to give her credit. I do know that she lives here in Michigan. If you know her name, please let me know so that I can recognize her here.