Monday, September 27, 2010

Pink Bras for Emily!

When I was told that I had to dress upscale for the movie I was in, I knew what I had in my closet wasn't going to work. So, I called on my girlfriend, Emily, who ALWAYS looks great and asked her if she would "dress me" for the part! She went above and beyond! Her outfit was extremely sexy and upscale! I looked and felt fabulous! How do you thank someone for that?
Emily has walked in the 3day event for the last eight years! She has raised a lot of money and recruited lots of wonderful people to join the cause too! So, I decided to make her some cards that she would be able to use to thank those who helped her! Here's a couple of photos of the set I made for her and the box I put them in!
Thanks for stopping by,
I love Michigan!

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Chris Kolly said...

I think this is a perfect way to thank Emily. I love the cards! You did an awesome job.