Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This is a special day for my family! We enjoy rack of lamb, cabbage, mashed potatoes, sometimes Soda bread and always make up a St. Patrick's Cake that uses mashed potatoes instead of flour! My family wears green (my favorite color) and a sprig of orange (like my mother used to make me wear) as I am Irish protestant and my husband was raised an Irish Catholic!! We joke about the "wee-folk" and don't believe in luck as there's really no such thing, we call them blessings! We also wear a 3 leaf clover as this what St. Patrick's Day is all about = the holy trinity! We held our St. Patrick's Day special dinner tonight, as I have a special dream job that I'm going to on St. Patrick's Day, along with one of my daughters and we're not sure what time we may get home! We are very excited, but can't tell you about it until it's long over with, and that just drives me crazy!! I believe you will be happy for me and this is yet another great job that I love, along with my Stampin' Up! Here's my St. Patrick's Day goodies that I made up to hand out to some very "special" people I'm hoping to meet tomorrow at my dream job!! The "wee folk" is a peppermint patty disguise! Tricky little fellow, eh? The other is a pot of gold, but the one's I'll be giving out to my new friends tomorrow will have homemade gold coins! I hope you like them! I wish you a safe & Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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