Monday, May 2, 2011

My Big Shot Cabinet!

A while back, someone posted how they purchased a tool caddy, the seriously expensive Tool Chest - red metal - rolling - with many drawers, and turned it into a Big Shot table. Not only did it work well with all the dies in the drawers, the Big Shot sat on top AND they decorated the sides with the Serif Alphabet punched out and some designs from the Decor Elements sheets! It was sweet! I was jealous and certainly didn't have $459 to purchase a new one (here it is in pink from Sears, and they have it in a lime green too (my favorite color=green))!So, I pouted a little then asked my husband to make me something! He asked for the dimensions that I wanted and VOILA, it's perfect! It may not be decorated nor is it my favorite color green, but it's GREAT! I had to label the XL dies so that I could see what each one was without pulling them all out to find the one I was looking for. The other dies would stand on their ends with their labels facing out, so it worked perfect!

The green basket is holding all my embossing folders. You can see my smaller dies in the storage box that SU sells along with all my cutting pads, on the top shelf! It keeps me organized and it's so functional! Isn't this wonderful? I'm blessed with a wonderful husband!

If you have ideas on decorating it, I'm all ears! Until then, I'm keeping it simple and clean!

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