Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Get an additional $35 in FREE Stampin’ Up! products when you host a $350 workshop November 1-December 15! This is in addition to all the other benefits you get as a Stampin’ Up! hostess.

If your workshop sales total is

You earn hostess dollars

It’s Good to Be the Hostess

Total Free Stampin’ Up! Merchandise

Plus, you earn full-priced items at 50% off












1 item






2 items






3 items


$160 plus 15% of amount over $1,000



$195 plus 15% of amount over $1,000

4 items

Schedule a workshop today and get set to create for the holidays with all of the exciting hostess rewards you’ll receive!

I'll add even more incentive: I'll host YOUR workshop in my home so that you don't have to clean up your house before AND after! I'll do all that for you!! You just bring along the treats, beverages and guests!!

Contact me at KERIOUT@YAHOO.COM to make the plan!!

Thanks for Inkin' of me,

Keri Blake

Still swimming in delight for our Troy Cowboy's Varsity Cheer winning 1st, 1st and Best Overall Trophies AND

my daughter's Individual Winning of 1st place in Toe Touch and 2nd place in Herkie jump competition!!

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