Thursday, August 30, 2012

I l♥ve it when we share!

Have you checked out Pinterest?  Wow, the ideas are limitless.  You think google knows everything?  You must try Pinterest - it's your own personal bulletin board where you "pin" items that you like in any category board imaginable!  Search for recipes, card ideas, animal photos, car repair tips, dream homes, clothing, books, photos, tattoos, feet, raindrops & rainbows, quotes, pirates, DIY,  - the ideas are limitless.  Here's the link to my Pinterest boards.  Or just go to  You have to check it out!  Once you have an account, you can follow those who interest you or you can search out specific "pins" for your own boards.  Please be careful - it's very addicting!  Be warned!

Thanks for Inkin' of me,

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