Saturday, November 28, 2009

Please help find this young man!

Devon Hollahan // Desaparecido - Missing!!

I read this and a plea to post it. I hope in some small way, this may help bring a happy ending. Please, share this post, pass this around!


Yesterday at 9:16pm
My son, Devon Hollahan, disappeared in Frankfurt, Germany on Saturday,
November 21st at approximately 3AM, local time. Devon and his friend, Josh
Friedman, had taken a train from Prague, where they both live and work, on
Friday, the 20th to attend a concert in Frankfurt and to stay for the
remainder of the weekend. Both Josh and Devon had purchased round-trip
train tickets.

According to Josh, they had enjoyed the concert, attended the "after party",
and had taken a cab to central Frankfurt to look for their hostel. They had
been drinking. Beer, mostly and, according to Josh, they were "tipsy", but
not inebriated. After looking for several minutes, Josh stepped away from
Devon to ask a couple of bystanders for directions. When he turned around,
Devon was nowhere to be seen. After attempting to text and phone Devon
numerous times, Josh gave up and went to the hostel. The following morning,
he checked with the hostel to see if Devon had checked in on his own and
found out he had not. He also checked a couple of other nearby hostels to
no avail. At some point Saturday, Josh contacted the Frankfurt police and
the US Consulate to file a missing person report. He waited for Devon at
the train station at the appointed departure time, but Devon never showed

Josh called me from Prague at around 3PM MST to give me the news.

We have German-speaking friends who called the Frankfurt Police to consider
options, but the police weren't terribly receptive. At 12:30 AM, Monday
morning, I called the US Consulate and spoke to Franz Seitz who was already
familiar with the case. We spoke for 30 minutes. Mr. Seitz was very
receptive and helpful. We discussed Devon's credit card activity, which
wasn't (and still isn't) unusual. He had made 2 stops at ATMs in addition
to purchasing train tickets in Prague - nothing since. Early this morning,
I received an email from Mr. Seitz indicating the had checked ambulance
services, hospitals and jails with no results. I believe the consulate has
spoken to Mr. Friedman at least once and maybe twice.

I am obviously concerned for my son. Always an independent soul, he is also
responsible and diligent. This type of behavior is totally out of

Devon Hollahan is 22 years old, 6 feet tall and weighs approximately 150
pounds. When last seen, Devon was wearing a green, plaid shirt, jeans, a
black work jacket (sport coat?) and a tan cap. He was last seen in the
vicinity of the Taunusalange metro station in central Frankfurt. Pictures
are attached.

I can be contacted at 602-571-4547 (cell) or email
Franz Seitz at the US Consulate, Frankfurt: 011-49-69-7535-2516 (office) or
011-49-175-726-8343 (cell)
Josh Freidman, Prague: 011-420-773-695-268 (cell)

Thank you for your help,

Jeff Hollahan

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