Sunday, November 15, 2009

There are good people in Michigan!

WOW!! It's a Sunday evening and our doorbell rings at 8:30pm... we aren't expecting anyone... I answer the door to see two teenagers holding a wallet. They open it up and ask if this the right house as it wouldn't come up on their GP device and it isn't listed on mapquest!
Yup, it was the correct house as it was my husband's wallet that he left at the park today, while with our youngest, her friend and our dog. How cool is that? Sure wish I had some money to give them as a reward for doing the right thing! What was I thinking? I had just baked a pie and I should have asked them in for a slice as a thank you. There are still good people in this world! Thank you Thomas and Kaylynn!

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Latenightstamper said...

how wonderful. I try and look for good people each day and I am pleased to say once I started looking... it was easy to find them.
Now I try and find good people doing good things.
I am thrilled to find so many nice people helping others. So glad to have your wallet back.

have a blessed day