Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dryer Sheet Technique

WOW, I'm a blogger now!

I've had so many private requests for my Dryer Sheet technique, I thought I would post this for everyone to enjoy! Who could have guessed that a used dryer sheet could give such a sparkly snow affect?

1. Take your used dryer sheets and iron them flat.
2. Roll or stamp your image on your cardstock and take outside (if not too windy) or to your garage (to spray them inside would not be good!).
3. Use a spray adhesive (or Mod Podge) to coat your stamped cardstock. I believe the spray adhesive works best!
4. Immediately lay the dryer sheet on your adhesive sprayed cardstock and spread it all across to flatten and smooth.
5. While still wet and as soon as the dryer sheet is evenly flattened on the stamped cardstock, sprinkle Dazzlin' Diamonds glitter all over and dump excess into tray.
6. Set aside to dry completely.
7. Trim off excess dryer sheet and discard.
8. Wrap your cord/ribbon around and adher the dryer sheet piece to the card itself. Voila!

I have a lot of glitter that falls off after applying it, but I do it over a tray and return the excess glitter back into the container. I don't usually have a problem with it, however it does continue to "drift" a little more no matter how many times I've tapped off the excess.
I get the spray adhesive all over my hands and then the dazzlin' diamonds get all over and it's pretty messy. I like doing a lot of these at once because of it!!!

Give this a try and show me how you did!

This blogging challenge will be slow and steady. Thank you for hanging in there with me!
I did learn this technique from a fellow demonstrator, who was a "stitch" to stamp with, too. However I don't know her name to give her credit. I do know that she lives here in Michigan. If you know her name, please let me know so that I can recognize her here.

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These are beautiful!