Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Rhea, Kathleen & Pam!

I neglected to honor my dear friend, Rhea on her birthday, October 23rd. Rhea is one of my many BEAUTIFUL friends. Her name is pronouned "RAY- ah" and I remember that because she is a "RAY ah sunshine" to me. She is beautiful inside and out, remaining positive (ALWAYS positive) and strong through her challenge with breast cancer. She makes me laugh and warms my heart whenever I see her. I love to spend time with her because she is a calm and peaceful person, too. She has three gorgeous girls and is a wonderful mother. Today, I want to let her know that I love being in her friendship circle and thank God for crossing our paths as she is a true blessing in my life.
While I'm in "confession" mode, I have to include two other dear friends of mine who had birthday celebrations this month and I didn't acknowledge them either!
Kathleen went to grade school with my husband and I have been fortunate to have developed a very special friendship with this lady through our girls cheer and sons football! She is a faithful disciple of Jesus administering His word through her actions and deed, encouraging everyone in a positive light. She has also fought with breast cancer and through her faith, positive attitude and God's plan, she is here today! Not a discouraging word has been whispered from her lips and she's more concerned about others than herself. It's an honor to be included in her life and I am again, richly blessed.
Pam, diva pal, celebrated her birthday a couple weeks ago. She's my mentor when it comes to reciting Bible verses so appropriate for the situation. Pam is a great mother who values family and always finds the good in people. She and I have been close friends, crafters and I love spending time with her, especially when we're eating out somewhere!! : ) I do give thanks to God every day for all the great people in my life.
Happy Birthday to three TERRIFIC ladies. I love you truly, madly & deeply!

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Anonymous said...

Keri - I am finally getting the chance to visit your blog! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and kind words. You are always generous with your blessings and I am thankful to know you. I, too, have enjoyed your friendship in spirit and stamping and always look forward to our monthly camps. Love to you - Rhea